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In a time where the future seems increasingly uncertain, it is crucial that we come together to discuss, understand, and influence the direction our society takes. The Heritage Foundation, along with its allies, has laid out a vision for America’s future through Project 2025—a vision that presents profound implications for our democracy, rights, and social fabric after the 2024 presidential election.

Project 2025 is a far-reaching initiative put forth by a far-right think tank, and supported by over 80 organizations known for their extreme positions. It proposes a transformation of America to ‘save the nation’ from ‘elite rule and woke cultural warriors’, promoting policies and ideologies that have raised significant concern among many who value diversity, equality, and justice.

We’re hosting a series of town halls to illuminate the potential threats posed by Project 2025. The first event will give an overview of Project 2025 and its plans, and each subsequent town hall will dive deeper into threatened issues, including climate, public education, reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and racial equity. 

These monthly virtual town halls are not just about information dissemination. They are interactive platforms where we aim to foster meaningful discussions and encourage active participation. In addition, we are planning to expand our reach by organizing in-person watch parties and incorporating calls to action for participants to join us.