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About 2024 & BEYOND

Envisioning a transformative future for 2024 and beyond, we are assembling a vanguard of movement leaders, united by the audacious goal of evolving into the ancestors future generations will admire and emulate. This collective, driven by a profound sense of duty towards the planet and its inhabitants, will convene in a series of quarterly gatherings designed to forge revolutionary action plans. Through these meticulously structured meetings, we’ll distill our shared vision into tangible strategies, embodying a multi-layered approach to implementation that interweaves diverse skills, perspectives, and resources. Our mission transcends mere change; we are sculpting a legacy of justice, sustainability, and equity. Together, we’ll architect a new paradigm, leveraging collective wisdom and relentless activism to steward a world that honors our deepest commitments to future generations.

Check out the full videos of the three town halls we’ve held so far:

Watch a recap of the 2024 & Beyond Quarterly Meeting