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power the movement. help build cultural power. win transformative change.

chromatic black™ is a collective of 10,000 +/- artist-activists across a spectrum of creative disciplines. our vision – is the reclamation of STORY as a public common. our mission is the disruption of the master narrative with good storytelling. We understand the master narrative as violence and all of its many mutations.

We are storytellers and we use our artistic platforms – art, education, film, television, live and digital entertainment – to bring about cultural change, utilizing movement intelligence to disseminate unifying narratives to combat structural violence.

Since our inception, chromatic black™* has supported groundbreaking artistry and amplified strategic campaigns by partnering with filmmakers, creative entrepreneurs, movement leaders, cultural bearers, and creative place makers.

This movement work is only possible because of the ongoing support of generous partners like you. Thank you for supporting chromatic black™ with a fully tax-deductible gift. Please donate via check or wire transfer if you are considering a gift greater than $10,000.

We ask that you send an email to for wire instructions or to let us know if you intend to send a check as we have limited physical access to the office at this time.

Also, many companies will match donations made by their employees, employees’ spouses, and/or retirees. Please send an email to if you think your gift could be doubled!

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