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Keep Black Love Alive Campaign
Combating Misinformation and Disinformation

“As humans, we are hardwired for the fact that death is a natural part of life. While loss is deeply uncomfortable, we can learn to adapt to the natural phenomenon of loss. But when structural inequalities produce major and secondary losses, leading to widespread collective grief, death is out of balance with life. Individual and collective, repeated and generational, traumatic loss stacked on top of existing natural loss. We must tear down the systems, and institutions that engineer death, fuel it and simultaneously distract us from it.
holding change, adrienne maree brown

Disinformation is the STORY of our age. Powered by our key stakeholders to bring awareness to the impact of a fragile public health infrastructure, Keep Black Love Alive is a storytelling + story-catching national campaign to document pandemic TRUTH + LOVE stories to preserve cultural memory through the capture of oral history interviews. During the first phase of the campaign, we have collected over 500 in-depth accounts of personal experiences and reflections on the pandemic of African – Americans. We will kick off the second phase of the campaign on June 16, 2022. The second phase of the listening tour will capture stories of grief and solace. In cooperation with some of our community’s most prolific storytellers and movement leaders we are:
Addressing conspiracy theories, misinformation, and disinformation through truth-telling and myth-busting narrative campaigns
Expanding vaccination access at the community level
Implement culturally relevant communication strategies that use personal narratives and emphasize the need to strengthen the public health infrastructure
Tailoring messages, messengers, and messaging platforms to our communities’ root causes of hesitancy.
Identifying strategies to boost vaccine acceptance among those with political, religious, or conspiratorial reasons for vaccine avoidance.
Assessing and evaluating effective strategies to overcome the hesitancy in hard-to-reach populations.

Crisis Hotline for People Experiencing Racial Discrimination or Racial Harm
Strengthening the Continuum of Care

This past year with financial support from the Center for Disease Control and HRSA-22-120 Community-Based Workforce to Build COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence, chromatic black™ launched Keep Black Love Alive Campaign which included piloting a call center to reach the ‘hard to reach, hardest to reach, and hardly reached’ in our communities. This is an example of a local, community-led effort—that emerged organically to address the need for a more responsive continuum of care in African – American communities within the context of a pandemic. Leveraging technology for the aggressive outreach effort coupled with culturally resonant messages, chromatic black was able to connect with over 100,000 people in close to sixty -three communities characterized by the Center for Disease Control as high priority and vaccine-hesitant. This year we are evolving the call center to a crisis hotline for people experiencing racial discrimination and racial harm.


In partnership with Unleashing Giants, we host in honor of International Children’s Day, a virtual showcase of feature films written, directed and produced by children. The multi-track lab, is designed as an immersive two-part experience for children in which they develop an original short film from a nascent early idea to a completed original polished draft, workshop an existing original pilot and develop a professional series pitch to sell. Within the lab, they receive skills training, master-class instruction, professional mentoring, individualized, ongoing support from Creative Advisors, Industry Mentors, and program staff.